Build 34

  • Temporary workaround for the installer

Build 33

  • New Logo
  • New default theme (Regal Blue Clear)
  • Lagg fix attempt #3
  • Fixed world size load issue.

Build 32

  • Compatible with the latest oxide version
  • Removed custom console config
  • Updated oxide download link
  • IMPORTANT: Aftert this RSMfmx update, reinstall oxide. This will install a working version. The mono message will still display, but only for a limited time

Build 31

  • Temporary fix for the oxide problem
  • Force disabled oxide custom console, because its broken.
  • IMPORTANT: Aftert this RSMfmx update, reinstall oxide. This will install a working version. The mono message will still display, but only for a limited time

Build 30

  • Added the following styles: "Black Rock", "Windows Dark" and "Lucky Point"
  • Disabled annoying dev build message
  • Improved plugin installer loading time
  • Temporary disabled server info counter, to fix the UI lagg out
  • Added status to show if uMod/oxide is loaded or not updated version-wise

Build 29

  • Detailed rcon connection info. Disconnect erros and reasons
  • Removed icons from the plugin installer
  • Removed live server info counter
  • Changed plugin manager icon
  • Moved themes to RSM settings
  • Added correct file version
  • Fixed UI slowdown over time

Build 29

  • Fixed config and plugin vanishing from the list when using search and save. (Plugin Manager)
  • Capped server console at 200 messages. Should help the UI lagg
  • Added the option to automatically reload plugins once theyre saved
  • Added styles: "Clear Gulf Stream" and "Calypso"

Build 27

  • Fixed websocket statusbar
  • Fixed server start layer issue
  • Fixed reset button in player manager
  • Compressed RSMfmx.exe and made security changes (Which might be giving false positive in your anti virus) Thanks to @Giygas for the help with security and compression

Build 26

  • Fixed crashin when oxide is invalid
  • Fixed websocket disconnect
  • Fixed saving/loading issues in plugin manager
  • Enabled plugin manager
  • Fixed rare and silent exception caused by false websocket connection status
  • Fixed server installer error

Build 25

  • Disabled plugin manager, due to loading and saving issues.
  • Updated open SSL

Build 24

  • Re-compiled with the latest version of Rad Studio
  • Improved performance
  • Improved speed and rendering speed when resizing
  • Some rtl fixes made in Rad Studio 10.3
  • Fixed bugged websocket client, dead-lock accessing internal read thread
  • Added theme select
  • Fixed demo error

Build 22

  • Added discord webhook
  • Fixed incorrect time in chat log
  • Fixed show health bar option not saving
  • Added loaded plugin list, to replace plugin manager for now
  • Fixed websocket "Connection established" when connection is lost

Build 21

  • Added icons to menu
  • Fixed starting message not displaying
  • Added ability to mute and unmute player voice or chat
  • Added bans list + unban option
  • Changed text-type on the online players list
  • Redesigned chat logger

Build 20

  • Added MySQL support
  • Added Server Protocol
  • MySQL connection status and RSM version can now be found above the websocket connection status layer

Build 19

  • Added "copy" in the right click menu on player list
  • Added steam profile in the player list right click menu
  • You can now double click on a player list column to copy its content

Build 18

  • Fixed layout issue when starting server if console tab was open

Build 17

  • Added a proper way to generate json
  • Added player connections and disconnect log
  • Added alternating rows for playerlist, connections and disconnects
  • Chat and console spacing is smaller now

Build 3

  • RSM will automatically escape commands if needed
  • Fixed kick and ban option
  • Fixed send console command
  • Fixed send chat command
  • Fixed RSM not escaping commands

Build 16

  • Removed MiniTest
  • Switched to detect player join
  • Switched to regex to detect player disconnect

Build 15

  • Added "Show health bad instead of value" to the player list
  • Added server console
  • Added server chat

Build 14

  • Automatically check for updates added every few min

Build 13

  • Major bug fix

Build 12

  • Fixed websocket connection failing if server has multiple IP adresses
  • Fixed issue where the nav panel would change windows depending on windows version

Build 11

  • Added HWID lock
  • Fixed spacing on windows servers

Build 10

  • Added player manager
  • Added refresh menubar item
  • Added open folder option
  • Fixed rare error when starting server
  • Added exit system

Build 9

  • Added uMod/oxide version checkers
  • Fixed an issue where uMod download thread would fail to update the download status
  • Fixed rare error when closing RSM
  • Fixed an issue with loading a custom map

Build 8

  • Fixed an issue when loading a custom map

Build 7

  • Added server info counter
  • Fixed a rare bug where RSM will fail to destroy a thread resulting in high CPU usage

Build 6

  • Hopefully fixed the issue where RSM crashes right after the serrver installed for the very first time
  • Show detailed information when connection to the auth fails
  • Merry christmas everyone!

Build 5

  • Lowered minimu world size to 1000
  • Automatic check if saved license key is valid or not on RSM start 

Build 4

  • Added updater